A Complete Range of Water Resources Engineering Services

Massoud Rezakhani Consulting (MRC), LLC offers a complete range of Water Resources Engineering services, including flood hazard mapping, coastal engineering, disaster response and mitigation, and land planning and development using the latest GIS tools and techniques.

Flood hazard analysis, floodplain mapping, sediment transport analysis modeling, general hydrology and hydraulics, including riverine, burn area, and alluvial fan environments, FEMA flood insurance studies and preparation of CLOMR and LOMR applications. Mapping is performed using the latest in GIS technology (see GIS services, below).

Coastal hazard analysis and modeling, sediment transport analysis, analysis of coastal wave and shoreline erosion on structures or projects, and coastal engineering solutions to combat erosion.

Flood hazard analysis and mitigation services, project management, and engineering design of repairs.

FEMA flood insurance study analysis, flood mitigation planning and design, CLOMR and LOMR applications, permit compliance, hydraulic structure design to support land development (spillways and channels, grade controls, irrigation canals, dams, storm water drainage plans).

Experience using all NFIP-accepted hydrology and hydraulics models, including HEC-1, HEC-2, HEC-RAS, TR-20, DAMBRK, DWOPER, FESWM, SWMM, FEMA Alluvial Fan Program, FLO-2D, UNET, WSP2, WSPG, FISPLOT, RASPLOT, CHECK-2, CHECK-RAS, and Quick 2. In addition, we use the latest in light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and photogrammetry for digital elevation models.

The President of MRC, LLC, Mr. Massoud Rezakhani, has over 30 years water resources engineering experience and has served as an expert witness.



Whether your project is small or large, we provide specialized services that are sure to meet the scope of your project. Please contact us to discuss your needs.



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